Sunday, August 12, 2012

Snippets and Whippets.

I have a teeny problem. 

You see, I have a hard time focusing on one thing till the end. If I'm doing something and a thought pops into my head--whether it be "go eat a bagel" or "I wonder if I could do a handstand" or "I need some pics of the Hemsworth bros"--I stop what I'm doing and follow that thought.

That being said, below are some well-to-do blog posts I started...and never finished. Today I was going through them and, to directly quote myself, thought, "Well it's a darn shame these pups ain't n'er seen the light o' day. They could use some fresh air and sunshine."

So without further ado, I now present a future New York Times Bestseller Book--
A Look To the Past: Snippets and Whippets of the Life of Abby Christensen. 

Raw. Unedited. THE RIL DIL. 

This beaut was last seen November-ish of last year. I believe I was avoiding some American Heritage homework:

Does your brain ever feel so full that you wish you could pop it like a balloon and let all the air out?
That was the sound all that air would make...but more likely the sound a majestic bald eagle would make when swooping down on..........INJUSTICE.
(Sorry. Dang American Heritage is to blame..)

Needless to say, my brain is full. Hence the eagle/balloon analogy. Hence me writing on mah blog. Hence the hencing.
Sooooo....imma just throw it all out there. Out into the blogging world. For the next two minutes, I'm going to write down all those dern little thoughts bouncing around in my head. Take it as you whill.
  • I have two midterms this week. 
  • Have I studied? No...... .. . .. .. . . .
  • But I listen in class!!
  • Shoot. I'm doomed.
  • I wish I had more kat shurts.
  • That would make life a little less doom-ish.
  • Adding "ish" to the end of a word is fun-ish.
  • Or time.
  • HILAR. Go check it out. 
  • That's a song by
  • Isn't it funny how that's just william with well placed periods?
  • That's how Flo Rida guys. It's just Florida with a space!
  • I need some more space in my closet. 
  • My clothes don't fit....In my closet, I mean.
Ah, a look into my blogging methods.  I tend to make multiple drafts of the same event or rant. If you refer to one of my later posts, I did in fact blog about freshman year. If I remember correctly, the beginning is quite similar, but I rather enjoyed the second paragraph:

Never thought I'd be back so soon, eh? EH??
I'm like a boomerang.
Or a bad foot fungus.
Or a stray dog with rabies.
I JUS KEEP COMIN BAHK (evenafter3monthsofnopostingteehee)

Alright. No more intros. No more excuses. No more references to feet or rabies DANGIT.
We're going straight to the soul. Straight to the innermost thoughts of Abby's mind, into the folds of her very being...
HA. None y'all would last two hot seconds in this brain o' mine. So we'll just go straight to the heart of this post (ehem):

Joke. I only had one freshman year. I just added the z to be kool/thug/swag/YOLO.
...too much?
Anyway, my freshman year just ended. Did I ever think I'd be sad? Nope.

Oh I remember this one had great potential. To be honest, the whole thing became too time consuming. This was at the end of the semester, winter 2011:

Not that I ever thought I wouldn't.

I've always been confident in my college-taking capabilities. (except for those little pockets of doubt where I'd rip out my hair in bloodied chunks and curl up into fetal position for 7 hours straight.)
But alas, winter semester 2011 is forever gone, and what do I have to show for it? Worn textbooks and broken pencils? Semi-average grades? A NOTEBOOK FULL OF EMPTY DREAMS????

NAY. Well, maybe that last one... .. ... .. BUT. I have learned many much things - and will impart them upon you, my faithful follower, for future reference. *free of charge!*

FIRST OF ALL, library = best friend. Maybe even Best Friend Forever if you go often enough. The library will become your biggest ally for peace and free wifi. Library does not equal little brother - you can't ignore it. Library does not equal nerdy cousin - you're not too cool for it. And library does most certainly not equal nosy aunt - YOU CAN'T ESCAPE IT. HBLL4LYPHE

SECOND OF ALL, all sports pass? WORTHless. 

And last but not least, the longest post in my draft folder. Toward the end, I inconveniently succumbed to writers block and like a Cafe Rio salad, could never finish it. This is truly a relic from the past--my senior year of high school:

Every dinner at the Christensen home invariably ends with someone running out crying a little thing we lovingly call Table Topics - "The cube that started it all! These engaging questions inspire the best kinds of conversation - whether over a glass of wine or at dinner party. Created for adults, but appropriate for ages 12 and up."

So basically it's a cube with little cards inside that have thought provoking questions.
POINT BEING: Sophie pulled one out that went along the lines of,

"In what era would you most like to have grown up?"

And before another breath could be taken, my heart leaped out of my chest and with a voice all its own loudly proclaimed (very brave heart style),

"THE E-E-E--E--E--E-IGHTIES!!!!"
(the 80's)

True story. And I'm not talking bottles and huggies - I'm talkin living in the 80's as an all out TEENAGER.
I mean, who wouldn't? What with the hair? The music? The style? REGANOMICS?? But siriously. *Editor's note: I foolishly spelt "siriously" wrong. I now know it's spelt "suriously"
Take a gander and you'll see what I mean:

  A league all their own...

 Acid wash + hair + fringe = triple win

My prom went a little somethin' like this.

I can't decide if it's the earring or the hair that makes me weak at the knees.. the 80's.


There's a lot more where those came from. Alas, the public is not ready for the second book in my 10 part series. They'll have to make a movie about these ones first.

Oh and here are the whippets I promised:

and the Hemsworth brothers:

you throw that peace sign liam

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Oh hey guys. Sorry it's been like four months I've just been super bus--


Am I aware of the fact that I posted 12 DAYS (not months!) ago? Ohs yeahs. 
Am I aware of the fact that I have (somewhat) held true to my once a week post credo? You bet your Great Aunt Ida's mumu I do.
Am I aware of the fact that in Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they're moose hunting? Why yes. Yes I was. 

Anywho, two major things in the Life of Abby these past weeks:

NUMS UNS (Numero Uno):
June 21st twas the one year anniversary of my JAW SURGERY.
Yes ladies and gents, it has been a whole year since my face weighed almost as much as the rest of my body. 
To celebrate, I visited the good ol' Timpanogos hospital, drank a whole cup of liquid loratab, blended an entire sandwich and ate it, walked around with 32 grapes in my cheeks for a full hour and sewed 7 jaw bras--each a color of the rainbow.

. . .. .. .... .Oh all right. I didn't do any of those things. In fact, I did nothing, NOTHING to commemorate my poor jaw! I am ashamed. I had big plans (see above^^^), but I failed. But just you guys wait. I WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU JAW!! (Slash you guys because I'm posting this beaut):

On that note...NUMERO DOS:

This weekend I went up to Idyho!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Weird I know. I've driven through the great potato state, but never actually visited someone. We (meaning Zoe and I), decided to head on up for A. Walks Elder Walker's farewell. Of course, we had to take a detour through Rupert, Idaho to visit Romney VonHansen and see the ol' farm/eat tortas/figure out what planted potatoes look like/buy kool shirts/go cow tipping. Of course. 
We stayed the night in Rupert and in the morning, we (meaning Romney, Zoe, The Loch Ness Monster and I) drove two hours to Fairfield, Idaho--Austin's hometown. Look it up. But you'll probs need a magnifying glass and Jack Bauer to find it. Suriously, Fairfield is SO teeny-tiny. But that's not the point! Austin gave a really good talk and afterwards we went to his house, stuffed our little faces and laughed till we puked exploded imploded cried. 
And now some pics from our trip:
My first official Idyho shirt. Don't the colors just make you swoon??

The Austin Walker BYU Farewell Krew. Zoe, Shaye, Austin, Shaye's friend, YOURS TRULY, Romney

Heh. HEH HEH. Hehhh. ...h. .. h ... .h .. ... ... . h .. . .

So there you have it, folks. The life of Abby is going preeeeeeetty well. Feel free to comment or gimme a shout out or send flowers. I promise to post SEVEN DAYS from now and if you guys are really good, maybe even SOONER. 

May your kat stay kool, 

P.S. Please watch this video and just know that I DIED laughing when I first saw it:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh hai.

Convo between Sophie and I:

A-Money: "Rough. I haven't posted since FEBS man."
S-chizzle: "Do you feel like your posts have to be monumental?"
Abexander the Great: "... .. . . . .. . . ... uh YEAH."
(Cameron interjects here: "Would you rather be able to squirt your eye juice ten feet or cough up blood on demand??")
Soapy: " bout you just shoot for one a month?? That wouldn't be so hard."

OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN....Fallen...fallen...fallen...fallen
(Am I the only one who wishes someone would echo the last word after every majestic statement you made??)

News flash: Probs. 
Oh well.
News flash: I haven't updated the blog in 4 months.
News Flash: Well NO MORE. I, Abigail Christensen, ACCEPT Soph dawg's challenge. In fact, I raise her once a month to ONCE A WEEK.
Cray cray, I know.
(BUT, for the past five months whenever I've opened my blog homepage, the pictures of my myspace past haunt me into a restless shame. I know this could've been changed within minutes, but to echo myself, the past five months have been cray cray)

So without further ado, I will now update alls y'alls on my life:
  1. I've made it through THREE semesters of kolige* (I've finally learned how to spell it too!)
  2. I've gotten a insta.(gram) HOLLA atcho gurl @abschristensen
  3. I've moved into an apartment/ward where I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest. 
  4. I gave a TALK in this ward. Yeah, it was pretty chill. They all thought I was like 23 or something. 
  5. I'm applying to the advertising program in the fall. eeep! dubs eeeps!! 
  6. I still work at the bookstore....h.. ..  ..ho.. . . . hol. .. .. . I can't even muster a "holla" for that one. 
  7. I dyed my tips a mermaid bluish/greenish. FOR RILS.
  8. I'm taking one class for summer semester #zumba4lyphe
  9. All my guy amigos have left on missions. 
  10. All my kallage friends have gone home. (meh) (JK JK JK! I suriously miss them all)
*Can I just get a little mushy here for a second? I did not like the first couple months of kawlidge. Classes were tough, tests were tougher, and none of the people I met were like my high school friends. I missed high school. But then at the end of fall semester and the beginning of winter, things changed. I started getting into the groove of coalige life. I made some new friends, and realized the ones I had all along were awesome. Like, really awesome. I did some crazy, funny, weird stuff and laughed--a lot. I never thought the last week of winter semester would be one of the saddest/hardest of my life (what with finals, moving out AND saying goodbye to everyone.) But I can now say I. love. COLLEGE. It's seriously been one huge roller coster with definite highs and some big lows. I've done hard things and made some mistakes, but I'm growing. And I honestly can't wait to see what next fall has in store for me. 

Ok that was a wee bit cheese ball, but can't we all get a little sentimental once in a while???
In summary: I'll blog once a week now, college was a lerning experience and I'd rather be able to squirt my eye juice ten feet. 
And finally, for your view pleasure:

*Oh Abby, you never disappoint*

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Myspace Brings All the Boys to the Yard...

I wrote my last post 30 days before Kreesmahs??
But instead of talking about how I met Oprah or won the New Mexico lotto, let's take a gander down memory lane, shall we?

So the other day, I cruising around the internet, avoiding my wonderful physical science reading, when all of a sudden it came to me.

I should check my Myspace.
(May I add that Myspace isn't a word on blogger?? And I thought this was America.)

Anywho, luckily I was home and out of the terrible clutches of the byu network. 
And luckily I remembered my 7th grade email ( and juvenile password (******)
And luckily some 30-year-old guy didn't pretend he was a 14-year-old girl and try to meet with me at the mall.
Oh wait. 

But seriously. Remember when we all thought facebook was for straight up nerds? Remember when we put a million of these "!!!!!!!!!!!!" and these ":]:]:]:]:]:]" after every comment? Remember how the order of your top friends was a bfd (big frikin deal)? Remember when you cared about profile views or how many friends you had? Remember....................myspace pictures???
Which brings us to the next part. You see, as I was perusing old pictures I just about DIED from embarrassment at my pictures and their captions. It was horrifying. Did I really think that was a cool thing for the world wide web? Really 14 year old self? REALLY??

After steaming in a burrito of self-loathing, I decided that because of my faulty blogging, you guys deserve a good laugh. JuSt KnOw ThAt I aM a CoMpLeTeLy DiFfErEnT pErSoN nOw**:.

Exhibit A:

All the rest of the Exhibits:
The caption for this one? "Blue eyes..." I'm ril deep sometimes. 

 99.9% of these pictures I've taken myself. WHY THOUGH.

Now that I look at this one, it's really not that bad. But that's prolly because I didn't take it in sepia on my camera phone. 

I miss this.

And for the crowning jewel:
What makes this picture worse is the caption. Dare I share it?
"currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly hair/"

*involuntary shudder*

THANK GOODNESS facebook came along. Good ol' fb has saved me from social suicide. Now all that my prof pics contain are kats and awesomeness. 

And there you have it. 
We can still be friends, right?
......... .. ......... . ... .. .
. . .. . . .. 
 .. .. 
.. . . .. . .. . . .. . ... .
. . . . . .. . .
 .. . .. .
 .. . .. . . . .. .. 
Who wants to do a group peace sign pic in front of the bathroom mirror??