Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Myspace Brings All the Boys to the Yard...

I wrote my last post 30 days before Kreesmahs??
But instead of talking about how I met Oprah or won the New Mexico lotto, let's take a gander down memory lane, shall we?

So the other day, I cruising around the internet, avoiding my wonderful physical science reading, when all of a sudden it came to me.

I should check my Myspace.
(May I add that Myspace isn't a word on blogger?? And I thought this was America.)

Anywho, luckily I was home and out of the terrible clutches of the byu network. 
And luckily I remembered my 7th grade email ( and juvenile password (******)
And luckily some 30-year-old guy didn't pretend he was a 14-year-old girl and try to meet with me at the mall.
Oh wait. 

But seriously. Remember when we all thought facebook was for straight up nerds? Remember when we put a million of these "!!!!!!!!!!!!" and these ":]:]:]:]:]:]" after every comment? Remember how the order of your top friends was a bfd (big frikin deal)? Remember when you cared about profile views or how many friends you had? Remember....................myspace pictures???
Which brings us to the next part. You see, as I was perusing old pictures I just about DIED from embarrassment at my pictures and their captions. It was horrifying. Did I really think that was a cool thing for the world wide web? Really 14 year old self? REALLY??

After steaming in a burrito of self-loathing, I decided that because of my faulty blogging, you guys deserve a good laugh. JuSt KnOw ThAt I aM a CoMpLeTeLy DiFfErEnT pErSoN nOw**:.

Exhibit A:

All the rest of the Exhibits:
The caption for this one? "Blue eyes..." I'm ril deep sometimes. 

 99.9% of these pictures I've taken myself. WHY THOUGH.

Now that I look at this one, it's really not that bad. But that's prolly because I didn't take it in sepia on my camera phone. 

I miss this.

And for the crowning jewel:
What makes this picture worse is the caption. Dare I share it?
"currrrrrrrrrrrrrrrly hair/"

*involuntary shudder*

THANK GOODNESS facebook came along. Good ol' fb has saved me from social suicide. Now all that my prof pics contain are kats and awesomeness. 

And there you have it. 
We can still be friends, right?
......... .. ......... . ... .. .
. . .. . . .. 
 .. .. 
.. . . .. . .. . . .. . ... .
. . . . . .. . .
 .. . .. .
 .. . .. . . . .. .. 
Who wants to do a group peace sign pic in front of the bathroom mirror??

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  1. Babeh I just reread this whole blog. Pardon the blasphemy, but I miss you more than all those myspace selfies put together. 15 months isn't that long right? Time isn't working like it should.