Wednesday, November 24, 2010


A few days ago, I had an intriguing conversation with my friend Alice.
Me: "Alice! Look at my kitty tattoo!"
Alice: "Nice. But why are you so obsessed with cats?"
The next words out of my mouth were "I am NOT!"...but then it dawned on me.

I really am.

Which is weird because,
a.) I would never actually get a cat. They're worthless and smell funny.
b.) My mom's side of the family (nana in particular) has a phobia of cats. Like take-a-bath-after-going-to-someone's-house-who-has-a-cat phobia. Apparently a cat locked up in a shed for three months attacked my grandma when she was little. She's never been the same. 
c.) two words: litter boxes.

so considering my history, a love for cat stuff seems slim to none. but no no no. 
I've got:
  • A Christmas cat sweater.
  • 50+ kitty tattoos from Claire's.
  • A kool kat shirt.
  • A best friend key chain with a cat on it.
and to add to my happiness, my brother introduced me to its so stupid and cheesy, yet its probs the best thing that has ever happened to me.

So on that note, Christmas is coming up................hint hint. Cat calender anyone?

catz out.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Big Words.

This seems like the ultimate stereotypical thing for a girl to put on her blog, but I think its adorbs.

Yes. I just used abbrevs. I use them a lot in my vocabulary. In fact, I'll jot a few key words down for know. Just in case.
  • G-Friend: My go to. Though spreading through my friend group, I have yet to walk into Costco and have a complete stranger call me g-friend. Considering expanding to b-friend. EXAMPLE: "Hey G-friend! You look really cute today!"
  • ok. OOOK: My other go to...the sister to g-friend. Emphasize the second "ok", and you're golden. Use it to make those who insult you look stupid. EXAMPLE: -Ignorant friend, "Woah Abby, that's one...crazy shirt." -Me, "ok. OOOK." (look of shame from ignorant friend)
  • nbd: I love acronyms as well. This one stands for no big deal. When put in an acronym, it sounds even more nonchalant than saying the whole "no big deal". EXAMPLE: "I just scaled the great wall of China, climbed Mount Everest and single-handedly saved the U.S. from World War Three. nbd."
  • Que?: Translation - What? Spanish is an excellent language to know and sprinkle in your vocab. Words like excellente!, no problemo, and que tal - when said loudly with an accent - can add that south of the border spice to everyday conversation. EXAMPLE: "I think Dr. B is resigning."...."QUE??"
  • Toats: Totally. The spelling for this word has been seen as todes, but toats is a more appropriate spelling. Makes things a little zestier. EXAMPLE: "We should toats have a dancing llama fest in my back yard."
  • nmf: This is my favorite acronym. Its so flexible for any excuse. Goes perfectly with raising your arms, shrugging and putting that innocent look on your face. EXAMPLE(S): "Cameron painted the whole house pink while you were baby-sitting??" nmf. "You forgot to get Granny her apples for the apple pie??" nmf. "The turkeys are running around outside because you forgot to lock them in??" nmf.
  • Obviously: A good oomph to the end of any sentence. It also stresses the statement before, thus making your audience feel stupid for not seeing the obvious before. EXAMPLE: "We love Abby. Obviously."
And of course there are more descriptive words I like to use - like obscure, conspicuous, revenge, outrage, dilly-dally, obsolete, unprecedented, remotely, despicable, lovely, concussed
Alright, maybe those were all the words that came to my mind in the last minute. But no matter. Words are a wonderful thing.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Say Hello to My Little Friends...

Haven't posted in a while. Sorry. I forgot my password....pathetic, I know.

But you know what's not pathetic? Pandahead.

Ok ok maybe I'm a little biased because my brother is in the band, but  this is me we're talkin: music savy and totally hip.
But seriously. I love the music. They consider themselves to be "experimental with jazzy soul"...sounds pretty good to me.

go ahead. check out their songs. enter the world of music-making pandas...

Take It and Canary? TN. Top. Notch.

and now for my personal favorite...