Sunday, June 17, 2012

Oh hai.

Convo between Sophie and I:

A-Money: "Rough. I haven't posted since FEBS man."
S-chizzle: "Do you feel like your posts have to be monumental?"
Abexander the Great: "... .. . . . .. . . ... uh YEAH."
(Cameron interjects here: "Would you rather be able to squirt your eye juice ten feet or cough up blood on demand??")
Soapy: " bout you just shoot for one a month?? That wouldn't be so hard."

OH HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN....Fallen...fallen...fallen...fallen
(Am I the only one who wishes someone would echo the last word after every majestic statement you made??)

News flash: Probs. 
Oh well.
News flash: I haven't updated the blog in 4 months.
News Flash: Well NO MORE. I, Abigail Christensen, ACCEPT Soph dawg's challenge. In fact, I raise her once a month to ONCE A WEEK.
Cray cray, I know.
(BUT, for the past five months whenever I've opened my blog homepage, the pictures of my myspace past haunt me into a restless shame. I know this could've been changed within minutes, but to echo myself, the past five months have been cray cray)

So without further ado, I will now update alls y'alls on my life:
  1. I've made it through THREE semesters of kolige* (I've finally learned how to spell it too!)
  2. I've gotten a insta.(gram) HOLLA atcho gurl @abschristensen
  3. I've moved into an apartment/ward where I'm pretty sure I'm the youngest. 
  4. I gave a TALK in this ward. Yeah, it was pretty chill. They all thought I was like 23 or something. 
  5. I'm applying to the advertising program in the fall. eeep! dubs eeeps!! 
  6. I still work at the bookstore....h.. ..  ..ho.. . . . hol. .. .. . I can't even muster a "holla" for that one. 
  7. I dyed my tips a mermaid bluish/greenish. FOR RILS.
  8. I'm taking one class for summer semester #zumba4lyphe
  9. All my guy amigos have left on missions. 
  10. All my kallage friends have gone home. (meh) (JK JK JK! I suriously miss them all)
*Can I just get a little mushy here for a second? I did not like the first couple months of kawlidge. Classes were tough, tests were tougher, and none of the people I met were like my high school friends. I missed high school. But then at the end of fall semester and the beginning of winter, things changed. I started getting into the groove of coalige life. I made some new friends, and realized the ones I had all along were awesome. Like, really awesome. I did some crazy, funny, weird stuff and laughed--a lot. I never thought the last week of winter semester would be one of the saddest/hardest of my life (what with finals, moving out AND saying goodbye to everyone.) But I can now say I. love. COLLEGE. It's seriously been one huge roller coster with definite highs and some big lows. I've done hard things and made some mistakes, but I'm growing. And I honestly can't wait to see what next fall has in store for me. 

Ok that was a wee bit cheese ball, but can't we all get a little sentimental once in a while???
In summary: I'll blog once a week now, college was a lerning experience and I'd rather be able to squirt my eye juice ten feet. 
And finally, for your view pleasure:

*Oh Abby, you never disappoint*


  1. oh my goodness you are just the best!!! i'm so excited you are going to blog more! :)

  2. hola, me encanta tu blog.hace poco he comenzado con la mío. me gustaria que te pasaras y me comentases que tal. nos seguimos?