Sunday, July 1, 2012


Oh hey guys. Sorry it's been like four months I've just been super bus--


Am I aware of the fact that I posted 12 DAYS (not months!) ago? Ohs yeahs. 
Am I aware of the fact that I have (somewhat) held true to my once a week post credo? You bet your Great Aunt Ida's mumu I do.
Am I aware of the fact that in Alaska it is illegal to whisper in someone’s ear while they're moose hunting? Why yes. Yes I was. 

Anywho, two major things in the Life of Abby these past weeks:

NUMS UNS (Numero Uno):
June 21st twas the one year anniversary of my JAW SURGERY.
Yes ladies and gents, it has been a whole year since my face weighed almost as much as the rest of my body. 
To celebrate, I visited the good ol' Timpanogos hospital, drank a whole cup of liquid loratab, blended an entire sandwich and ate it, walked around with 32 grapes in my cheeks for a full hour and sewed 7 jaw bras--each a color of the rainbow.

. . .. .. .... .Oh all right. I didn't do any of those things. In fact, I did nothing, NOTHING to commemorate my poor jaw! I am ashamed. I had big plans (see above^^^), but I failed. But just you guys wait. I WILL MAKE IT UP TO YOU JAW!! (Slash you guys because I'm posting this beaut):

On that note...NUMERO DOS:

This weekend I went up to Idyho!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER. Weird I know. I've driven through the great potato state, but never actually visited someone. We (meaning Zoe and I), decided to head on up for A. Walks Elder Walker's farewell. Of course, we had to take a detour through Rupert, Idaho to visit Romney VonHansen and see the ol' farm/eat tortas/figure out what planted potatoes look like/buy kool shirts/go cow tipping. Of course. 
We stayed the night in Rupert and in the morning, we (meaning Romney, Zoe, The Loch Ness Monster and I) drove two hours to Fairfield, Idaho--Austin's hometown. Look it up. But you'll probs need a magnifying glass and Jack Bauer to find it. Suriously, Fairfield is SO teeny-tiny. But that's not the point! Austin gave a really good talk and afterwards we went to his house, stuffed our little faces and laughed till we puked exploded imploded cried. 
And now some pics from our trip:
My first official Idyho shirt. Don't the colors just make you swoon??

The Austin Walker BYU Farewell Krew. Zoe, Shaye, Austin, Shaye's friend, YOURS TRULY, Romney

Heh. HEH HEH. Hehhh. ...h. .. h ... .h .. ... ... . h .. . .

So there you have it, folks. The life of Abby is going preeeeeeetty well. Feel free to comment or gimme a shout out or send flowers. I promise to post SEVEN DAYS from now and if you guys are really good, maybe even SOONER. 

May your kat stay kool, 

P.S. Please watch this video and just know that I DIED laughing when I first saw it:

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