Sunday, October 2, 2011


Before I begin my usual rantings, can I just share a really, REALLY visual word with you?


Oooh. Let that sit for a moment.
Ens whos, am I the only freaking out that it’s already October?? Yes? Oh. So…am I the only one freaking out that the guy who does yoda’s voice also does miss piggy’s? Yes again? Ummm….well….JIMMER’S ENGAGED. Oh…you … .. knew that too?


But suriously - Am I the only one that thinks October is a bittersweet month? I mean you got the GOOD things like pumpkin carving, leaves changing, soup slurping, and HALLOWEEN, but October also means……WINTER will be here soon. (involuntary shudder) Now I’m not talking Florida or California winters – I’m talking frost scrapin’, ice crunchin’, nose wipin’, face numbin’, wish-you-were-dead-because-it-lasts-six-months UTAH winters.

For all you “But winter means SKIING” or “Snow is so pretty!” or even worse, “Winter fashion is so cute!” sayers, to you I say BOO. That’s right. BOO. All those things last a day and then it’s, “I missssssssssssssssssssssss summer.” (Note: I don’t hate Christmas. Quite the contrary. SANTA 4 LYPHE) Shoot…I’m sorry to rant. I’m just a summer kind of girl – plus trying to ride with the windows down/tunes blasting/shades rocking in winter just leaves you with pnemonia and weird looks.

…On that note, let’s get to the goods a.k.a ABBY’S LYPHE IN KOLLEGE.
One month in and it’s so far, so good(ish). I think it’s safe to say I’m a tride and true, BYU blue cougar fan/full time student extroidinaire. I mean, I feel comfortable:
  • Making Jimmer jokes (see above)
  • Singing Rise and Shout at games/during class/in the shower/at all times
  • Openly stalking Jake Heaps Riley Nelson
  • Audibly gasping whenever someone says *crap*
  • Studying with Harold……B. Lee, that is. Ever heard of him?
  • Spewing out building acromyns on command – HFAC!JKB!SWKT!JFSB!
  • Looking at engagement rings in Book of Mormon class
  • Being engaged
  • Riding my unicycle around campus. Yeaaaah…I’m THAT girl.

The only bad thing is MIDTERMS (voluntary shudder) are next week! Dun dun dun. Soo…I have to apply what I’m learning in class? Cr*p. What happened to the good ol’ miss-a-week-of-class-then-show-up-half-asleep-for-a-test-and-ace-it days in hihskool? Higsool? Hihscool? Eh it’s been so long I can’t even remember WHAT we used to call it.

Welp. Wish me luck. I get the feeling me and Harold are going to spend a looooot of time together this week. Anyone want to join us on the 5th floor? No….? Real cool guys. Ril kool.

Cat shirt of the week:

is someone keeping track of all these?


  1. I am. I'll give you the scrapbook from Santa.

  2. i think i've seen mrs. landers wear a shirt exactly like that...