Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's Pronounced "[kol-ij]"

It's gotten to the point where when I go to check out my blog,

I have to type in the whole address.

As in, I don't come here often enough, aka I don't blog enough.
I know what you're thinking.."Haven't we beaten the topic of Abby's lame bloggage to a pulp, then put it in a blender, then trampled on the remnains and put them in the shrimp scampi at the cannon center??"

Well...that's not the point. The point is, did you catch my clever college joke??
Well, for those of you that don't go to college, the Cannon Center is where all the freshman go to use their magic I.D. cards to get free food. They then proceed to make college conversation about credit hours and professors, whilst chowing down on fancy college food. It's all very posh.

And how do I know this? BECAUSE I GOES TO COLLEGE.

FACT: The freshman 15 is real folks... .. . . .verrrry real.
FACT: Dorm closets are proportionate to those in freakishly small world.
MYTH: The boy:girl ratio is always 1:1. (Try 1:3 DANGIT.)
FACT: There is a Timpview person in every one of my classes. REPRESENT.
FACT: Selling your soul is part of the textbook buying process.
MYTH: Roomates are always creepy... . .. .. .. . ..heh heh, right Harly?
FACT: In college you do weird things like "tunnel singing" or "baking cookies on the bell tower lights-ing" and "going to class".
FACT: You master the art of small talk within a matter of days.
FACT: School Supplies (where I work in the Bookstore) is better than the Candy Counter.
MYTH: School Supplies taste better than Candy.
FACT: In college you have to "study"...whatever that means.
MYTH: Cleaning supplies are in no way means for excitement.
FACT: The vending machines can be your best friend...or your worst enemy.
FACT: Your mom goes to college.

Now let me google college real quick and let's see what treasures I find...

Facial expression of 95% of freshman.. . .. ...(I'm obviously in the other 5%)

I'd say Mr. Blue Shirt already found the dream.

What 95.3% of professors look like.


The usual class size. Oh but just imagine 5 billion more people around him...

Average BYU hair size.

I'll keep you updated on the college life. I have yet to go to the Harold B. Lee Library, but I'll save that little adventure for another post.

P.S. Cat shirt of the week? Feast your eyes upon THIS lil' beaut:

Alreads on the wish list.


  1. Ah the pics at the end are the best.

    i literally wet myself a lil seeing you had a new post.
    you are friggin hilarious.
    and....seriously....beware of the freshman 15....or 20.....BEWARE.
    it's harder to loose it than gain it.
    just sayin'.

  3. For some reason, I read this at 12:00 on a Sunday night.
    Good stuff. 8/10 would read again.