Monday, January 3, 2011

Newe Yeers Ressies

Another year come and gone. WEIRD.
But since everyone else seems cool wit it, I'll go ahead and join the flow.

The AB-TACULAR list of New Years Resolutions:
  1. Find more cat shirts. Total now: 2. Goal: 31. (One for each day of the month!)
  2. Come up with a new phrase or catchy saying and/or recycle a retro phrase. Rad? Far out? Robotcircuitipodwifi? A work in prowgress. (yep. that last word was in a British accent)
  3. Get students and faculty alike at Timpview to address me as, "Abby, supreme empress of the universe and bestower of all that is awesome and hip." Double work in progress.
  4. Crochet more alpaca-hair sweaters for babies and the elderly.
  5.  Write more haikus.
So now, in 2011, I'd like to start this blog off on a good note.
Yes, I'd like to start with #5. (ehem)

A Deep Collection of Haikus
By: Abigail E. Christensen 

In a tree I sit
Looking at the big blue moon
thinking, hey that's cool

Walking in the coms,
freshman push me as I go.
That is not cool man.

Driving in li'l blue
I sense the presence of cash - 
pennies pay for gas.

Each one is unique,
nicely lined up in a row -
Kat shirts come to play.

Climbing in windows,
and snatching your people up.
Hide yo kids, husbands.

Stand there, watch me burn,
if you ever try to leave
I'll set house on fire.

Likely contender in the Cat Shirt race...