Sunday, December 26, 2010

Happy Christmas Ron! Happy Christmas Harry!

December 26th is quite the party pooper. I don't have anything against 26 itself - I personally think its a nice even number - and December, though a bit nippy at times, has its perks.

But it just so happens that December 26th falls right after the happiest day (besides January 28th) of the year - CHRISTMAS.

I woke up feeling slightly empty. Sure, you can still drink eggnog, listen to Christmas songs and deck the halls all you want. But it's just like eating cardboard - sure it fills you up, but does it taste good? Nay. 

Ok ok ok...I'm done with the depression and doom talk. Moving on to deets of the Classic Christensen Christmas!

Who: Craig, Susan, ME and assortment of siblings and distant relatives.
Where: Springs Cits
When: Christmas, of course!
Why?: Still deciphering that one...

Anywho. I'd deem this Christmas a top five in Christensen history - Cameron didn't buy all of our presents at the dollar store, and Uncle Roger stayed sober for an hour.

..................Jokes. I don't have an Uncle Roger. But our Christmas dinner WAS a sober one. And the loot I got was darn good loot.

Favorites include:
  • A cat shirt entitled "The Adventures of Mr. Mittens"
  • Kick BUTT red fingerless biker gloves - Madonna would be proud.
  • An original "Pandahead - Beats for lype? lyphe?" shirt
  • My first sag beanie!
  • A t.n. designer shoe calender for every. darn. day.
  • Lots of riesens in mah stocking...
  • World peace
  • Albino tiger cub coat.
  • and......A FUNCTIONING PHONE. (I would put up my new number, but how do I know you're not a creepy 40-year-old man??)
Highly successful. Highly. 
And now my Christmas present to you all: 

Shout-out to ROSS CHRISTENSEN for introducing me to such wonder...