Sunday, May 8, 2011

anticlimax, blow, collapse, comeuppance, crash, cropper, decline, defeat, deflation, demotion, descent, disappointment, discomfiture, dive, down, downfall, fall, flop, humiliation, pratfall, reverse, ruin, setback, undoing, wreck.

(I personally think comeuppance is just a euphemism, but that's besides the point.)
What is the point, you ask? And what is with this varied, but surprisingly helpful, list of synonyms for failure?
Welp. I, Abigail Elizabeth Christensen, FAILED. Yes. F-A-I-led.
No, no. Don't bother with all the, "It's okay, Abby. You're still the same super cool/funny/hip/hawt Abby we know" or "You did four days in a row! That's a personal record!!" or "Since when does jamba have a secret menu??".
Sigh....I need to own up to the fact that I let My posse. My peeps. My gang. My band. My crowd. My multitude. My throng. MY VIGILANTEs.
(No! No way am I perusing right now...) 

Alright, ALRIGHT! 
aaaaand...............I'm ashamed.

Feeling immensely depressed, I googled FAIL and this is what came up:

HmMMMmmMmMMm. How fitting. It''s almost as if I'm the kat in this picture...and the colorful kat food represents my extremely kool and kreative blog. .. ... ..and, like, the mesh thingy around the kat's head are my doubts/insecurities/laziness..... .. .. and because of this protective head gear, I'm the one keeping myself from from this goodness... .. .. .and it's actually kind of spilling over and spoiling the excellence of my blog.... .. . . .. .
A.P. English is gettin to me.

Here it is. The big "S" word you've all been waiting for..............SORRY. I'm sorry.
I hope this post will act as a kind of "second renewal", for although I will not blog everyday this week, I'll blog almost everyday this week.
So. Stay tuned...the next post is going to be BRILLS...


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