Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Springs. To the CIDS.

Today as I was mulling over the next  hot thing I could blog about, my complex personality came to mind. There are so many parts to this...phenomenon...called Lil Babbs. And, through my consistent blogging, many of you already know these parts - aka, my cat obsession, my need for the word "gfriend" and the fact that I kick butt at Klondike.
And then, out of nowhere, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
The part of me that few know about......
The part of me that has hidden that part of me for the past 18 years......
The part of me that belongs to...SPRING CITY.
Now, half of you read that and shudder, while the other half looks at the other OTHER half and thinks, "Why the heck are they shuddering? And where the hello is Spring City??"
Well. Take a gander at this quiz...

(and, inadvertantly, how well do you know Abby...)

1. How far away is Spring City from P-town?
    A.) Tres houras
    B.) 1 hour, 15 minutes and 38 seconds.
    C.) 60 minutes.
    D.) A 3 day journey on foot.
2. Why does Abby go there?
    A.) Because of family obligations and upkeep of the family's yellow house.
    B.) The natives have accepted her as their shamman/dj spectacular.
    C.) The cold climate and vigourous winds are perfect conditions for her unicorn herd.
    D.) To get away from the "crowds" of P-town.
3. How often does Abby stay in Spring City?
    A.) Christmas break.
    B.) Weekends.
    C.) Whenever someone's throwing a big party.
    D.) All of the above.
4. What is there to do in Spring City?
    A.) Cow Tipping.
    B.) Take a trip to the only gas station for some 10 cent candies.
    C.) Listen to the agonizing screams of your brain cells dying.
    D.) Harvest corn. Winter's a comin' on mighty quick...
5. Where is Spring City?
    A.) It's not a place, it's a cult.
    B.) In the dark folds of Abby's mind.
    C.) Sanpete County, Utah.
    D.) Nevada.
6. How many relatives of Abby reside in Spring City?
    A.) 11
    B.) 36
    C.) 284
7. Which towns are closest to Spring City?
    A.) Fall Town, Summerville and Winter Place.
    B.) Ephriam, Manit, Mt. Pleasant.
    C.) Lehi, Orem, Pleasant Grove.
    D.) Rainbows, Kittens and Butterflies.
8. T/F Spring City WILL be the first place Provo runs to in case of Zombie Apocalypse.
9. T/F If one wants to go to the movies, one must choose between the three movies showing at the two theaters.
10. T/F The headquaters for Abby's "mafia friends" is in the old barn behind the house.
 Answers: 1. B, 2. A, 3. D, 4. Anyone, really, 5. C, 6. A, 7. B, 8. True, 9. True and 10. False. It's in the tree house.

 If you totally cheated and scrolled to the bottom for the answers, let me give you Spring Cids in a nutshell (Note: If the paragraph below looks too intimidating, I give you permission to skip it):

My aunt and uncle on my mother's side bought a house in SC. They still own it. Consequently, my other uncle with his family/my grandpa also bought houses. Due to certain circumstances, both eventually sold their houses and moved up north. Now I'm not totally sure on the next sequence of events, but my dad's parents hopped on the Spring City train, as did my padre's two sisters and their families. My parents, feeling a little put out from being left behind, decided to buy a house as well. It was a lovely pioneer home that happened to be condemned. Like, to the point that there were animals living in it. After some blood, sweat and tears, the house was restored and painted the yellow color it is today. Fun Fact: Our house was built on an angle (which is odd, since every other house is perfectly parallel to the street) because the owner thought that angle to be "true north". And so, the Christensen family lived happily in this house for two years until Father Craig got so sick of the hour and 15 minute commute to P-town, that mi parentals decided to move on up here. And as said in the quiz, I now only travel to Spring city for holidays and weekends. 

To be honest, I may moan/whine/complain/grovel/tearoutmyhair about going to Spring Cids but...that's not always how I feel. Sometimes it is nice to get a little family time. To take a walk and enjoy nature. To feed the horses just outside of town. To keep up family traditons. To go to Fat Jacks and Pollie's Brain Freeze. To walk to Gram's and have family dinner. To swing on the hammock in the summer and listen to the crickets. To sit around the fire as snow falls in the winter. To just...chillax.

Sigh. Oh Spring City. *I salute you
Aaaahhhhh...Don't judge me! I'm still the same Babbs....Just don't tell Mother Susan. I think we'd move there right now if she were to read this post....

 Me and the Megs. CUZIN SHOUT-OUT. PROOF of Spring City's realness.

Still going strong...

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  1. Oh my gosh this is the best thing ever I basically quoted the entire thing on my tumblr.