Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cause It's a Bittersweet Epiphany...

Today my dear, dear friends, I had an epiphany.


1. a sudden, intuitiveperception of or insight into the reality oressential meaning of something, usually initiated by somesimple, homely, or commonplace occurrence or experience.

I'm offended by the words "somesimple" and "homely" and "commonplace".
They make me think of 16th century Puritan girls.
For those who know me, "jazzy" and "cool" and "super hawt" tailor more to THIS 21st century woman.
Nay, my epiphany, though subtle, was very VERY profound. And what was my epiphany, you ask?


1. a sudden, intuitive insight about blogging Abby received that went along the lines of: 

I know, right?? And after.. .. .all. .. ...... ...this time... .. ... .. .. ..... .. ..Ok but for reals. I rarely ever blogged because I felt like my posts required at least dos houras of my time to be a complete success. But here's the kicker: THEY DON'T. I don't know how/when/who/where/why this idea came to me, and yet, it was the missing puzzle piece in my mind. (Yes, you may read that sentence again and try to figure out why the HECK I'm not a song writer...)
So. Here comes the conclusion. Along with the bajillion other things on my goal list (right between "make a cat hair sweater" and "learn how to 'kirk'") I am penciling in: 
*audible gasps* I know. I KNOW. I don't care how tired/dirty/un-funny/lame-sauce/finger numb I get. I'll reach my goal if it kills me, DANG IT. Note: This is an experiment. I just want to see if:
A.) I can keep up.
B.) My posts still possess their meaty goodness.
C.) My life changes for the better. 
D.) I can put back the shine in my follower's eyes.

I'm not banking on C, but we'll "C" how this goes!
tee hee hee hee're always off to a good start with puns.

And so it begins...ONE OF SEVEN.

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