Saturday, November 13, 2010

Great Big Words.

This seems like the ultimate stereotypical thing for a girl to put on her blog, but I think its adorbs.

Yes. I just used abbrevs. I use them a lot in my vocabulary. In fact, I'll jot a few key words down for know. Just in case.
  • G-Friend: My go to. Though spreading through my friend group, I have yet to walk into Costco and have a complete stranger call me g-friend. Considering expanding to b-friend. EXAMPLE: "Hey G-friend! You look really cute today!"
  • ok. OOOK: My other go to...the sister to g-friend. Emphasize the second "ok", and you're golden. Use it to make those who insult you look stupid. EXAMPLE: -Ignorant friend, "Woah Abby, that's one...crazy shirt." -Me, "ok. OOOK." (look of shame from ignorant friend)
  • nbd: I love acronyms as well. This one stands for no big deal. When put in an acronym, it sounds even more nonchalant than saying the whole "no big deal". EXAMPLE: "I just scaled the great wall of China, climbed Mount Everest and single-handedly saved the U.S. from World War Three. nbd."
  • Que?: Translation - What? Spanish is an excellent language to know and sprinkle in your vocab. Words like excellente!, no problemo, and que tal - when said loudly with an accent - can add that south of the border spice to everyday conversation. EXAMPLE: "I think Dr. B is resigning."...."QUE??"
  • Toats: Totally. The spelling for this word has been seen as todes, but toats is a more appropriate spelling. Makes things a little zestier. EXAMPLE: "We should toats have a dancing llama fest in my back yard."
  • nmf: This is my favorite acronym. Its so flexible for any excuse. Goes perfectly with raising your arms, shrugging and putting that innocent look on your face. EXAMPLE(S): "Cameron painted the whole house pink while you were baby-sitting??" nmf. "You forgot to get Granny her apples for the apple pie??" nmf. "The turkeys are running around outside because you forgot to lock them in??" nmf.
  • Obviously: A good oomph to the end of any sentence. It also stresses the statement before, thus making your audience feel stupid for not seeing the obvious before. EXAMPLE: "We love Abby. Obviously."
And of course there are more descriptive words I like to use - like obscure, conspicuous, revenge, outrage, dilly-dally, obsolete, unprecedented, remotely, despicable, lovely, concussed
Alright, maybe those were all the words that came to my mind in the last minute. But no matter. Words are a wonderful thing.