Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ah. Back to square one. The oldest excuse in the book.
"I'm not a very consistent blogger."
Key word: consistent. (hence the bold, underline, italicize, larger font shindig)
BUT when my blog posts do happen, are they not filled with nuggets of pure insight and wisdom that surpass the price of diamonds?
Well...yes, according to the small audience in my head.
(they all just laughed)

Ens whos..
(BLEH. my attempt to shorten "anywho" went horribly arry.)
Like unto cookies laced with rat poison, my blog is laced with...not rat poison.
Whooo doggie. I'm rusty. Let me try again. (Eh-eh-eh-hem)
I'm going to tell you ten random facts about myself that have not been revealed via blog, because frankly, I'm like an onion. (appreciate shrek reference..) Peel away all the cool/hip/hipster/g layers and...I'm just me.'s been a long day. MOVING ON.

FACT: I love musicals. Secret Garden? She has her eyes, she has my Lily's hazel eyes! Those eyes that loved my brother never me! Oliver? Would you lace my shoe? Anything! Paint your face bright blue? Anything! Catch a kangaroo? Anything! Go to Timbuctoo? And back again! Phantom? Don't make her lie to you to save me... Les Mis? All my life, I've only been pretending. Without me, his world will go on turning, a world that's full of happiness that I have never known!  Newsies? Met this girl last night...Ehhh move your elbow, past the towel, for a buck I might!  Into The Woods? I wish...more than anything...more than life...more than jewels...I wish...the King is giving a Festival. I wish to go to the Festival-- Wicked? And nobody in all of Oz, no Wizard that there is or was is ever gonna bring me down! Little Shop of Horrors? Suddenly Seymour, is standing beside you, you don't need no makeup, don't have to pretend. West Side Story? Singing in the Rain? Sound of Music??
I know it looks like a big chunk of nothing that makes no sense, but if you share my love for a story told through song, these words should sear your heart and strengthen your soul. Again: I love musicals.

FACT: I always have to have my nails painted. Glitter/dark colors are my go to. Ironic, aren't I?

FACT: I have never been to Lake Powell. Or Tepanyaki. Or Idaho. But I most definitely HAVE been to Spring City.

FACT: I am PRO at Klondike. Sound familiar? Like the game on your ipod that's freakishly similiar/basically is solitare? Yep. And, unlike the picture below, I don't have $53. Psh. More like...7 GRAND!! I'm seriously obsessed.

FACT: I crack myself up. Literally. Ask anyone. Like, go ahead. Ask. ASK DANG IT*&(*@#%^

FACT: Peachie-Os are my absolute favorite candy. And not just any run-of-the-mill-two-for-a-dollar Peachie-Os - the Trolli kind, of course. 

FACT: I have a tattoo of a small, tri-winged bird named Vern where my hairline and neck meet.

FACT: Sometimes I tell people I have a tattoo of a small, tri-winged bird named Vern where my hairline and neck meet.

FACT: Whenever I text, all the messages I send include either CAPS on words I stress, the dot-dot delio (..) and professions of love. That last one always gets me in trubs.

FACT: Belted sweaters live on in my heart. Bless them.

And if Mr. Belted Sweater Man didn't sweep you off your feet...this baby comes close.

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  1. Pup I am definitely reading your blog. I love it. xoxoxo